Albanian Parliamentary Election 2017 | Results in Full

Albanian Parliamentary Election 2017

Albanian Parliamentary Election 2017 will be held in Albania on 25 June 2017. The 140 members of Parliament will be elected in twelve multi-member constituencies based on the twelve counties using closed list proportional representation with an electoral threshold of 3% for parties and 5% for alliances.

Albania’s parliament has approved a government shake-up as part of a compromise worked out between political parties before next month’s parliamentary election. The unanimous vote on Monday came after President Bujar Nishani issued decrees naming the opposition’s recommendations for deputy prime minister and six other ministerial posts: interior, education, health, social wellbeing, finance and justice. A three-month opposition boycott of parliament ended last week with an agreement between the governing Socialist Party and the opposition-led Democratic Party that was mediated by U.S. and European Union officials.

Parliament was dissolved earlier this month as required by the constitution ahead of elections. The vote on the Cabinet reshuffling was held in a special session.

The agreement postponed the election by one week and allows the opposition, which voiced concern that Prime Minister Edi Rama could manipulate the process, to monitor voting.

Albanian Parliamentary Election 2017 – Results





Socialist Party of Albania 761,951 74 +9
Democratic Party of Albania 454,349 43 –7
Socialist Movement for Integration 224,967 19 +3
Party for Justice, Integration and Unity 75,591 3 –1
Libra Party 19,666 0 New
Social Democratic Party of Albania 14,986 1 +1
New Democratic Spirit 5,112 0 0
Republican Party of Albania 3,821 0 –3
Sfida për Shqipërinë 3,523 0 New
Social Democracy Party of Albania 2,526 0 0
Christian Democratic Party of Albania 2,516 0 –1
Party for the Future of the Greek Minority 2,283 0 0
People’s Alliance for Justice 1,490 0 New
Communist Party of Albania 1,026 0 0
Albanian Democratic Christian Union 910 0 New
Christian Democratic Alliance 765 0 0
Democratic Alliance Party 538 0 0
National Arbnore Alliance 353 0 New
Invalid/blank votes 32,188
Total 1,608,561 140 0
Registered voters 3,452,324