Cayman Islands Elections 2017 | Cayman Legislative Assembly

Cayman Islands Elections 2017

The at long last count after designations shut Wednesday for the Cayman Islands Elections 2017 was 63 competitors. This included 15 Progressives, eleven running with the Cayman Democratic Party and 37 individuals pronouncing themselves as autonomous competitors, including the present training clergyman, who has not, in opposition to hypothesis for the duration of the day, joined the PPM.

While the quantity of competitors is very huge, it is not the same number of as a few people had expected, given the change to the voting framework.

There are no less than two competitors in the majority of the new nineteen voting demographics, so there will be no free rides to the Legislative Assembly.

Cayman Islands Elections 2017 – RESULTS:


Seats Won


People’s Progressive Movement 7 4,909
Cayman Democratic Party 3 3,786
Independents 9 7,026


The results are in for the 2017 General Elections. Congratulations to the 19 candidates!

  1. West Bay North – Mr. Bernie Bush
  2. West Bay West – Mr. McKeeva Bush
  3. West Bay Central – Capt. Eugene Ebanks
  4. West Bay South – Ms. Tara Rivers
  5. George Town North – Mr. Joseph Hew
  6. George Town West – David Charles Wight
  7. George Town Central – Mr. Kenneth Bryan
  8. George Town South – Ms. Barbara Conolly
  9. George Town East – Mr. Roy McTaggart
  10. Red Bay – Mr. Alden McLaughlin
  11. Prospect – Mr. Austin Harris
  12. Savannah – Mr. Anthony Eden
  13. Newlands – Mr. Alva Suckoo
  14. Bodden Town West – Mr. Christopher Saunders
  15. Bodden Town East – Mr. Dwayne Seymour
  16. Northside – Mr. Ezzard Miller
  17. East End – Mr. Arden McLean
  18. Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman – Mr. Moses Kirkconnell
  19. Cayman Brac East – Ms. Juliana Connolly

Cayman Islands Elections 2017 – Constituency Vise Results

Constituency Candidate Party Votes
West Bay North Bernie Bush Cayman Democratic Party 436
Sarah Orrett-ebanks Independent 99
Mervin Smith Independent 269
West Bay West William McKeeva Bush Cayman Democratic Party 605
Daphne Louise Orrett People’s Progressive Movement 68
Paul Desmond Rivers Independent 176
West Bay Central Katherine Ebanks-Wilks Independent 342
Ebanks, Capt. Eugene Cayman Democratic Party 435
West Bay South John Jefferson, Jr. Cayman Democratic Party 350
Burns Rankin Independent 56
Laura Young Independent 52
Tara Rivers Independent 534
George Town North Joseph Hew People’s Progressive Movement 402
Pearlina Mcgaw-lumsden Cayman Democratic Party 268
Karin M. Thompson Independent 117
George Town West Ellio Anthony Solomon Independent 93
Jonathan Bardowell Piercy Cayman Democratic Party 334
David Charles Wight People’s Progressive Movement 350
Dennie Warren, Jr. Independent 80
George Town Central Kenneth Vernon Bryan Independent 495
Marco Archer People’s Progressive Movement 460
George Town South Catherine Rosita Tyson Independent 78
Paul Wendell Hurlston Independent 72
Michael Thomas Adam Cayman Democratic Party 307
Alric Jeremy Lindsay Independent 90
Barbara Elizabeth Conolly People’s Progressive Movement 375
George Town East Kenrick Herbert Webster, Dr. Independent 106
Roy Michael Mctaggart People’s Progressive Movement 410
Sharon Elaine Roulstone Independent 192
Theresa Elizabeth Bodden Cayman Democratic Party 195
Red Bay Frank Mcfield Independent 92
Denniston Leitch Tibbetts Cayman Democratic Party 274
Alden Mclaughlin People’s Progressive Movement 478
Prospect Matthew Leslie Independent 58
Austin Harris, Jr. Independent 466
Lucille Seymour People’s Progressive Movement 329
Savannah Anthony Eden Independent 446
Kent Mctaggart Independent 164
Heather Bodden People’s Progressive Movement 357
Newlands Mario Rankin Independent Withdraw
Raul Gonzalez, Jr. Independent 158
Alva Horatio Suckoo, Jr. Independent 433
Gurney Wayne Panton People’s Progressive Movement 418
Bodden Town West Stafford Berry Cayman Democratic Party 217
Maxine Bodden-robinson People’s Progressive Movement 306
Gilbert Allan Mclean Independent 187
Christopher Selvin Saunders Independent 380
Bodden Town East Osbourne Vendryes Bodden People’s Progressive Movement 290
Robert Anthony Bodden Cayman Democratic Party 467
Dwayne Stanley Seymour Independent 427
Arnold Thomas Berry Independent 41
North Side Justin Ebanks Independent 75
Johany Ebanks Independent 179
Ezzard Miller Independent 201
Edward Owen Chisholm People’s Progressive Movement 139
East End Issac Rankine Independent 246
V. Arden Mclean Independent 272
John B. Mclean, Jr. Independent 74
Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman Nickolas Dacosta Independent Withdraw
Moses Kirkconnell, Iii People’s Progressive Movement 302
Maxine Avon Moore Independent 95
Cayman Brac East Juliana O’connor-Connolly People’s Progressive Movement 225
Rudolph Lenbergh Dixon Independent 183

Overview of Electoral System

Here, we provide an overview of the electoral system in the country.

Head of State Inherited monarchy with a Governor appointed by the Briish Monarch
Head of Government Chief Secretary appointed by Governor
Structure of Parliament Unicameral Legislative Assembly with 18 seats
Electoral Law Election law of 2004
Constituencies 15 single-member constituencies
Voting System In the the Legislative Assembly, 3 members are appointed to serve 4-year terms and 15 members are elected by popular vote to serve 4-year terms.
Term of Office 4 years
Voter Requirements – age: 18 years
– The voter has been resident in the Cayman Islands for a period or periods amounting to not less than two years out of the four years immediately preceding the relevant date.
Candidate Eligibility and Requirements – 21 years.
The candidate shall, at the date of his nomination for election, be domiciled and resident in the islands. Furthermore, the candidate shall have either 1) been born in the islands in the circumstances mentioned in subsection (2)(b) of this section, has resided in the Islands for a period of not less then seven years immediately preceding the date of his nomination for election and, subject to subsections (3) and (4) of this section, the number of days on which he was absent from the islands in that period does not exceed four hundred; or 2) been born outside the Islands, has resided in the Islands for a period of periods amounting to not less than fifteen years out of the twenty years immediately preceding the date of his nomination for election, and in the seven years immediately preceding the date of his nomination for election the number of days on which he was absent from the islands does not exceed four hundred.
Electoral Authority Supervisor of Elections