Iran Presidential Election 2017 | Live Results

Iran Presidential Election 2017

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has been re-chosen with a determined triumph in Iran Presidential Election 2017, official resultsĀ appear.

Out of more than 40 million votes cast, he got 57%, crushing his principle equal, a conservative cleric.

Mr Hassan Rouhani, a direct who concurred an arrangement with world forces to point of confinement Iran’s atomic program, swore to “stay valid” to his guarantees.

The unequivocal triumph gives him a solid order to look for changes and restore Iran’s debilitated economy, experts say.

The president got near 23 million votes, Interior Minister Abdul Reza Rahmani Fazli said on state TV, in a decision that had a surprisingly high turnout of around 70%.



Party Affiliation


Hassan Rouhani Moderation and Development Party 23,549,616
Ebrahim Raisi Combatant Clergy Association 15,786,449
Mostafa Mir-Salim Islamic Coalition Party 478,215
Mostafa Hashemitaba Executives of Construction Party 215,450