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Kingdom of Lesotho

LesothoKingdom of Lesotho is an enclave, landlocked nation in Southern Africa totally encompassed by South Africa. It is a little more than 30,000 km2 (11,583 sq mi) in size and has a population somewhat more than two million. Its capital and biggest city is Maseru.

The present National Assembly, shaped after election on 26 May 2012, has a sum of 120 individuals. 80 members are chosen in single part voting demographics utilizing the basic larger part (or First-past-the-post) framework. The rest of the 40 individuals are chosen through relative portrayal and national party-lists.Elected members serve five-year terms.

The King is the inherited head of state. Under customary law, the school of boss has the ability to dismiss as well as contribute a ruler. The Prime Minister is chosen by parliament.

In the Senate, 22 individuals are saved for tribal pioneers to serve 5-year terms and 11 individuals are selected by the decision gathering to serve 5-year terms. In the National Assembly, 80 individuals are chosen by majority vote in single-part voting public to serve 5-year terms and 40 individuals are chosen through a shut rundown relative portrayal framework to serve 5-year terms.

Electoral Info

Population (in 2017) : 2,184,969 Registered Voters (in 2017) : 1,253,540
Vote Cast (in 2017) : 581,692 Valid Votes (in 2017) : 576,075




Lesotho National Assembly LOWER HOUSE
Lesotho Senate UPPER HOUSE


Lesotho National Assembly Saturday, June 3, 2017 581,692 1,253,540 All Basotho Convention
Lesotho National Assembly Saturday, Feb 2, 2015 563,972 1,210,079 Democratic Congress
Lesotho National Assembly Saturday, May 26, 2012 564,451 1,127,980 Democratic Congress
Lesotho National Assembly Saturday, Feb 17, 2007 457,941 916,230 Lesotho Congress for Democracy