General Elections were held in Pakistan on 18 February 2008. The Awami National Party (ANP) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) have developed as the two noteworthy political gatherings in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly.

The ANP secured 48 of the 124 seats taken after by the PPP with 30 seats. The MMA won 14 seats, and the PML-N nine. The PML-Q and PPP-S got six seats.

An aggregate of 22 independent candidates won the election from various areas of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly is the unicameral administrative body of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area in Pakistan. It was built up under Article 106 of the Constitution of the Pakistan. The get together has 124 chosen individuals, 99 general seats, 22 seats saved for ladies and 3 seats for Non-Muslims.

General Elections 2008 – Registered Voters

Province / Area

Registered Voters

Punjab 44,500,257
Sindh 19,506,473
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 10,661,212
Balochistan 4,365,274
FATA 1,280,365
Federal Capital 482,801
Total 80,796,382


General Elections (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly) – Party Positions

Sr. Parties Seats
1 Awami National Party 48
2 Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 30
3 Muttahida Majlis–e–Amal 14
4 Pakistan Muslim League (N) 9
5 Pakistan Muslim League (Q) 6
6 Pakistan Peoples Party (S) 6
7 Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (S) 1
8 Independent 10
Total 124

General Elections 2008 – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Constituencies Results



Winning Candidate

Party Affiliation


PF-1 Announced Aurangzeb Khan Awami National Party 9886
PF-2 Announced Syed Zahir Ali Shah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 19814
PF-3 Announced Bashir Ahmed Bilour Awami National Party 16648
PF-4 Announced Syed Aqil Shah Awami National Party 6321
PF-5 Announced Ateef ur Rehman Awami National Party 9184
PF-6 Announced Muhammad Almgir Khalil Awami National Party 9742
PF-7 Announced Kiramat Ullah Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 8009
PF-8 Announced Malik Tamash Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 6869
PF-9 Announced Arbab Mohammad Ayyub Jan Awami National Party 14854
PF-10 Announced Khushdil Khan Advocate Awami National Party 10253
PF-11 Announced Saqibullah Khan Chamkani Awami National Party 12113
PF-12 Announced Mian Iftikhar Hussain Awami National Party 13072
PF-14 Announced Liaqat Ali Shabab Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 11194
PF-15 Announced Maj (R) Baseer Ahmad Khattak Independent 15664
PF-16 Announced Pervaiz Ahmad Khan Awami National Party 9531
PF-17 Announced Fazle Shakoor Khan Awami National Party 18587
PF-18 Announced Barrister Arshad Abdullah Awami National Party 12162
PF-19 Announced Shakeel Bashir Umerzai Awami National Party 12874
PF-20 Announced Muhammad Taimoor Khan Awami National Party 8351
PF-23 Announced Ameer Haider Khan Awami National Party 11009
PF-24 Announced Ahmad Khan Bhadar Awami National Party 11806
PF-25 Announced Ghani Daad Khan Awami National Party 9692
PF-26 Announced Sher Afghan Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 14174
PF-27 Announced Rahim Dad Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 12229
PF-28 Announced Hafiz Akhtar Ali MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 10803
PF-29 Announced Abdul Akbar Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 11715
PF-30 Announced Imtiaz Khan Shahgai Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 12525
PF-31 Announced Muhammad Zarshid Awami National Party 9482
PF-32 Announced Eng: Javed Iqbal Tarkai Independent 20677
PF-33 Announced Mukhtiar Ali Advocate Awami National Party 14446
PF-34 Announced Sardar Ali Independent 9728
PF-35 Announced Sikandar Irfan Awami National Party 8949
PF-36 Announced Sarfaz Khan Awami National Party 9899
PF-37 Announced Amjad Khan Afridi Independent 12927
PF-38 Announced Syed Qalb-e- Hassan Independent 11233
PF-39 Announced Doctor Iqbal Din MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 10232
PF-40 Announced Mian Nisar Gul Kaka Khel Independent 29047
PF-41 Announced Malik Qasim Khan Khattak MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 17273
PF-43 Announced Mufti Syed Janan MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 11180
PF-44 Announced Inayatullah Khan Jadoon Pakistan Muslim League (N) 21204
PF-45 Announced Sardar Shamhoon Yar Khan Pakistan Muslim League (N) 23126
PF-46 Announced Haji Qalandar Khan Lodhi Pakistan Muslim League 12555
PF-47 Announced Sardar Aurangzeb Khan Nalotha Pakistan Muslim League (N) 18377
PF-48 Announced Muhammad Javed Abbasi Pakistan Muslim League (N) 22416
PF-49 Announced Raja Faisal Zaman MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 27654
PF-50 Announced Qazi Muhammad Asad Khan Independent 25057
PF-51 Announced Gohar Nawaz Khan Independent 36413
PF-52 Announced Syed M.Sabir Shah Pakistan Muslim League (N) 22614
PF-53 Announced Muhammad Shuja khan Independent 25858
PF-54 Announced Syed Ahmad Hussain Shah Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 17139
PF-55 Announced Mufti Khafiat Ullah MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 26782
PF-56 Announced Waji-Uz-Zaman Khan Pakistan Muslim League 27011
PF-57 Announced Al Haj Habib ur Rehman Tanoli Independent 15433
PF-58 Announced Namroz khan Awami National Party 17469
PF-59 Announced Taj Muhammad Khan Tarand Independent 16528
PF-60 Announced Shah Hussain Khan MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 10298
PF-61 Announced Maulvi Obedullah Independent 4635
PF-62 Announced Mehmood Alam Independent 3261
PF-63 Announced Abdul Sattar Khan Independent 6182
PF-64 Announced Khalifa Abdul Qayyum Independent 14696
PF-65 Announced Samiullah Khan Alizai Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 24046
PF-66 Announced Al-Haj Sana Ullah Khan Miankhel Pakistan Muslim League 18359
PF-68 Announced Makhdumzada Syed Murid Kazim Shah Independent 28484
PF-69 Announced Ghulam Qadir Khan Bhetni Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam (S) 16319
PF-70 Announced Irfanullah Durrani MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 38417
PF-71 Announced Haji Sher Azam Khan Wazir Independent 18591
PF-72 Announced Adnan Khan Independent 15121
PF-73 Announced Akram Khan Durani MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 16325
PF-74 Announced Anwar Saifullah Khan Independent 14878
PF-75 Announced Naseer Muhammad Maidad Khel MUTTHIDA MAJLIS-E-AMAL PAKISTAN 12712
PF-76 Announced Munawar Khan Advocate Independent 18871
PF-77 Announced Sardar Hussain Awami National Party 10557
PF-78 Announced Qaiser Wali Khan Awami National Party 8975
PF-79 Announced Said Rahim Awami National Party 11105
PF-80 Announced Wajid Ali Khan Awami National Party 4904
PF-81 Announced Sher Shah Khan Awami National Party 7731
PF-82 Announced Waqar Ahmad Khan Awami National Party 7174
PF-83 Announced Rahmat Ali Awami National Party 7518
PF-84 Announced Mohammad Ayub Khan Awami National Party 6999
PF-85 Announced Jafer Shah Awami National Party 5573
PF-86 Announced Dr.Haider Ali Awami National Party 8064
PF-87 Announced Muhammad Rashad Khan Pakistan Muslim League 18686
PF-88 Announced Fazalullah Independent 8928
PF-89 Announced Saleem Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 12960
PF-90 Announced Ghulam Mohammad Pakistan Muslim League 13570
PF-91 Announced Muhammad Anwar Khan Advocate Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 14445
PF-92 Announced Badshah Saleh Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 11967
PF-93 Announced Hayat Khan Independent 8339
PF-94 Announced Mehmood Zaib Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 11085
PF-95 Announced Haji Hidayat Ullah Khan Awami National Party 9932
PF-96 Announced Mohammad Zamin Khan Advocate Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 6925
PF-97 Announced Dr. Zakirullah Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 9957
PF-98 Announced Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Bacha Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 17654
PF-99 Announced Muhammad Humayun Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 16205