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Republic of Albania

Republic of AlbaniaAlbania, officially the Republic of Albania, is a country in Southeastern Europe. Albania spans 28,748 square kilometres (11,100 square miles) and had a total population of almost 3 million people as of 2016.

Albania holds elections on a national level for a legislature. The Assembly of Albania has 140 members elected for four-year terms. The electoral system is closed list proportional representation. There are 12 multi-member constituencies corresponding to the country’s 12 administrative regions. Within any constituency, parties must meet a threshold of 3 percent of votes, and pre-election coalitions must meet a threshold of 5 percent of votes. The president is elected by parliament.

Albanian parliamentary Election 2017 will be held in Albania on 25 June . They were first scheduled for 18 June, but after a possible boycott was announced by the opposition parties, during a large political crisis that lasted 3 months, an agreement was reached between all the political parties on 18 May to change the date.




Parliament of Albania ASSEMBLY


Population (in 2016) : 3,838,594 Registered Voters (in 2013) : 3,271,885
Vote Cast (in 2013) : 1,744,261 Valid Votes (in 2013) : 1,720,162







Parliament of Albania Sunday, June 25, 2017 1,640,749 3,452,324 Socialist Party of Albania
Parliament of Albania Sunday, June 23, 2013 1,744,261 3,271,885 Alliance for a European Albania
Parliament of Albania Sunday, June 28, 2009 1,519,176 2,850,821 Alliance for Change